What do I do if I am involved in a motor accident?

If you are involved in a motor accident, you should:

• Check for injured persons, note the type of injuries and call for the ambulance if necessary, and the police.
• Look for witnesses and write down their names and addresses.
• Obtain details of the other vehicle(s), namely: the number on license plate and the make, model and color of vehicle.
• Get the name, address and phone number of the driver.
• Get the name of driver’s insurance company.
• When a policeman arrives, write down his/her name and number and answer all questions to the best of your ability.
• Do not enter into any agreement to fix the other person’s vehicle, no matter how obvious it is that you are at fault. Simply say that you are insured and refer them to your insurance company or agent.
• If your vehicle is disabled and cannot be driven, have it towed to your home if possible, as most towing companies do not tell you about their storage fees which could be $20 or more per day.
• As soon as possible, visit your insurance agent with your driver’s license and complete an accident report.
• Obtain at least two estimates for repairs to your vehicle (unless you use our Auto-Safe Program).

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